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Sponsoring Business Resilience Conference

Thousands of businesses and millions of lives are affected by both Man-made and Natural Disasters every year. Nearly 50% of the businesses affected never fully recover and almost 30% never even reopen their doors. It is only a matter of time until another major disaster will strike and all businesses need to know how to develop an effective resiliency tactic to sustain their business operations and communities during critical times.

Sponsoring partners who are able to provide information, products and services in the event of a disaster, whether it is Natural Disasters or Man-made! We are offering LIMITED opportunities for sponsorship as our event is not a trade-show with 100s of booths of competing corporations but rather a legitimate educational conference that is a necessity for ANY business looking to plan ahead and recover from any emergency situation, from a brief interruption to a catastrophic loss.

The networking events at Business Resilience Conference are unparalleled. Meet, greet and network with attendees, faculty and invited guests. You’ll have the opportunity to hand out company literature and your company’s logo and booth will be displayed on signage at the event. You’ll can also provide promotional materials (for example: cocktail napkins or cups or mugs with your company logo).

Sponsorship Opportunities

Contact us for pricing. The welcome reception offers your company the opportunity to shine! The date and time are TBD.
$3,500 (2 available) or $7,000 exclusive
$2,500 (4 co-sponsorships available) or $10,000 exclusive- Capture the attention of attendees and network, relax and enjoy. Lunch will take place in the exhibit hall. Your company logo will be displayed on all tables and you’ll have the opportunity to distribute company literature at each seat.
$6,500 - Make a lasting impression on every attendee, speaker, sponsor and guest with the registration area sponsorship. Your company name, logo and booth will be displayed throughout the registration area. An attendee bag insert is also included with this sponsorship, plus recognition on the website registration page.
$2500 - This exclusive sponsorship opportunity will put your company front and center. Every conference attendee becomes a walking advertisement for the duration of the conference with your logo on the lanyard attached to every conference badge. Sponsor the lanyards and attendee badge insert together for $3,500 (save $500!).
$3,500 bags/$2,500 folders - Attendees will appreciate a way to carry their conference materials. Your company name will be imprinted on sturdy, attractive bags or plastic folders that attendees will use during and after the conference.
$1,500 - Attendees will take note of your participation in the conference with an attendee badge insert. Your company name, logo and brief message will be imprinted on an insert that will go on the back of every name badge holder. Sponsor the lanyards and attendee badge insert together and for $3,500 (save $500!).
$1,500 - Every attendee refers to the onsite guide for the conference agenda, session descriptions, exhibitor information and more. This sponsor may place a full-page, color ad on the back cover of the onsite guide.
$1,500 pens/$2,000 notepads - Attendees will spend hours in educational sessions and they could be looking at your logo the whole time. Conference pens or notepads can have your company logo and brief contact information printed on them. Plus, the benefits of this opportunity will last once the sessions are over.
$500 - You’ll have the ability to provide a single sheet of literature inserted in each attendee conference bag. Bag insert opportunities are limited to 5 total and are only available to exhibiting companies. * Attendee Bag Inserts do not qualify for the sponsor benefits listed above

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