Business Resilience Conference

Disaster Management Planning For Your Organization

Crises and other unexpected events have the potential to seriously damage a business and their operations. Learn from experts on how to prepare your organization.

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What Our Attendees Are Saying...

Emergency preparedness and business continuity is an organization’s lifeline. Without it, a successful company can collapse in a heartbeat. This conference helped us re-evaluate our current plans with current threats like cybersecurity. Far too many organizational leaders think it will never happen to them. They are wrong. Jon, US Bank
This conference offers the following guidance about how to fully integrate the human factor into hurricane preparedness, while building employee confidence that their employer truly understands and values their contribution and takes their needs into account. All of this will contribute to the success of a disaster preparedness and business continuity plan, recovery following a major interruption, and employment stability, all of which are critical factors in employee loyalty and recovery. Susan, T-Mobile
I think this conference is a great use of money. This is my fourth year, and it gets better every year. I also continue to learn new things as I grow in my University. New things I learn here take on new meaning and become far more applicable. Very helpful for anyone who is specifically implementing or improving their planning process in the organization. Connie, University of Texas

What is Business Resilience Conference?

Disasters often come out of nowhere, and even in the event you have advanced warning it is often not enough time to prepare. Whether it’s a severe storm, cyberattack, workplace accident or economic crisis, it's important to have a plan in place to ensure your business survives the worst. Resilience is key, but preparation is vital.

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), more than 40% of businesses never reopen after a disaster, and for those that do, only 29% were still operating after two years. To make sure you're prepared for the worst, you need to implement a plan that is thorough, practiced, and accessible in a crisis.

We provide valuable education, training and best practices to assist organizations prepare, respond, and recover.

Business Resilience Conference has held over 80 conferences across more than 50 cities in the United States. Our goal is to help organizations stay in business. We succeed by centering on relative and modern topics on disaster management.

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Who Are Some Of Our Attendees?

Conference Topics

Cybersecurity - Workplace Violence - Active Shooter - Risk Management - Business Continuity - Disaster Recovery - Natural Disasters - Crisis Management - Social Media Emergency  

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